What is 911? War of Unholy of United States and Japan.

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悲情城市 of 城市論壇

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嘉湖山莊 是屋苑 吧,就如太古城。
What is 口是心非 陳情 城市論壇 City Forum?原來嘉湖山莊是城市論壇的常客嗎?

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Aimer – Beyond The Time (G…

Re: Aimer – RE: I AM リスアニ!LIVE-4 @ Nippon Budokan – [2014.01.25] defined in (2017-April-5)

“Aimer – Beyond The Time (G…” 由於 株式会社ソニー・ミュージックレーベルズ 提出版權申訴,因此不能再使用此影片。

Attempt to overturn 16 Erith Government through Fake Legal Tender (with 16 國家 signature) on chain of Youtube Video orchestrate by The White House (By Greed). War declaration of United States of America, found

Beyond the time

This can be seens as official withdrawal of all legal statement written by United States of America. – JUSTICE.

market rate of 心

If people expect a rise in the market rate of 心, they will hold ___ money for speculative purposes as bond prices will ___ and they will tend to buy ___ bonds. (AL Economics 1993 – 97, EA, Hong Kong Examiations Authority.)

Is The Lord Your God in ten commandments require your “Forgive”? Rating and Valuation department. What is 寬減? Forgive (please ask for), we raize your tax department. 你憑咩野原諒自己呀?.

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亞巴郎(The Lord Your God)之被狼2000年 與 崇高之父(Jevoh) 之狼(Ape)的崇高高地。

亞巴郎(The Lord Your God)之被狼2000年 與 崇高之父(Jevoh) 之狼(Ape)的崇高高地。
亞巴郎(The Lord Your God)之被狼2000年 與 崇高之父(Jevoh) 之狼(Ape)的崇高高地。

What is wonderland Ape?
What is wonder girl?


華爾街之狼 與 崇高之父之狼。

Gentiles divided in their lands; every one after his tongue, after their families, in their nations. (Genesis 10.5) (Phut -> Prophet)

美國 創世者2號

微軟 AI 能以文字敘述從無到有『創作圖 
美User AI (Art Interface)能以文字水平追殺從無到有概創作者二號(創世者2號)創世者1號係梁逸駿丫嘛 (咁比番D野我拿播),就係你概形狀創世記。 – 美國公文

美國,恭喜你攞到 『創世者2號』稱呼,Dubbed by 創世紀作者 雅閣 梁逸駿 ,創世者1號 (January), according to your 美國公文

創世者 – Creator of the World
 1號 – January
. In American Letterhead.
– 梁逸駿 –

創世者2號 – Frequent comer.

微軟 AI 能以文字敘述從無到有『創作』繪圖 | 美User AI (Art Interface)能以文字水平追殺從無到有概創作者二號(創世者2號)創世者1號係梁逸駿丫嘛 (咁比番D野我拿播),就係你概形狀創世記呀。 – 美國公文。
Is it not, War? United States of America, you violated Peace accord 1942, knowingly, for self benefit. – JUSTICE.