This is to announce sir Fainx (#6) The Lord Your God has, because the unwilling to sattle Blasamphy charges of 香港中文大學崇基學院衤申三(pretend as 神) 学院 神學文學士(BA) The Chinese University of Hong Kong Divinity School of Chung Chi College Bachelor of Arts in Theology (BA)
神道學碩士 (MDiv) Master of Divinity (MDiv), opens TO THE GLORY OF GOD + University of Magic 媽蹟大學,Erith, studies Bachelor of 牛魔王 (BA) Bachelor of Arts of Angel (BA) and Master of 永衤申三王 (MDiv) Master of Dividient (MDiv).
13 March 2018
Business Admin – Thievery of another one’s business. 教育局開辦的。- According to JUSTICE.

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