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跟住x86 86-DOS 有我(Leung Yat Chun)嘅名嘅。 – 113620191021..

真空管電腦是幾時嘅事?合成Circuit是這部嗎?”第一部電腦”.PC-8001 .The First Computer pronounced by United States 1979, developed 1978, from stolen data from simulator, and insist of Wasa .華沙 (喇沙) makes fruit and NEC proudly present make this computer, to reassure this “innovation” jacob brand this PC-You steal you deserve the penality, PC-Engine PC核心都是鳥葬的 All pc circuit is stolen from s15-2. M icresoft 鳥葬 Microsoft 1980 成立. – 111820191021. PasocomMini .迷您 .舊芃蓆岡(華沙, 抄自喇沙) – 112020191021 binary-star ..
Intel – .Intelligence from Prince Jacobe de Hong Kong command this to be frozen until further understanding, DO NOT DISTURB All founding (simulator 15 data are not to be stolen) are us – US Citizen US President x 2 include Ford 1980-2-31 …. – 113220191021 []伊個就係所謂RISC(國家的興起,美國, Rise of Nation)啦。跟住x86 86-DOS 有我(Leung Yat Chun)嘅名嘅。 – 113620191021.. MS-DOS . .^. . 1980 PC-Competitable . ibm pc compatible (Include CPU, DOS, Windows) 1980 23 Balance 2019 . – 122020191021 non-transferable.

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