225. KABANERI OF THE IRON FORTRESS . 羅密歐與茱麗葉跟住係點 亡國亡魂亡子亡女亡所有的一切皆火化 7(這就是一九九七廿三周年 2021年6月23日20:26 .-14 亡國亡魂末有說明怎統一中國 你記得一心二用。

224. foreverSongBook2226. 咲かせや咲かせ
214. S_TEAM
215. Ninelie
222. Through My Blood
223. スピカ

1 – Are you the lord your god, we found this land 火化 an火化 ||| war at you, if you hear me I declear war at y火化, this is my last subbmittment我頂你唔順, 16 Dear Father we declear war at you, we only have one person 22
2- Our soul to the God, we have all we have now we fire, on timer start we have war 大, all men enter must resist our offering of goods to the 永恒 death 20 I swear at will
3 – Time is on our side (卡梅倫), all man declear war to Jacob124A, we are here to decide we have a will of 無輪點都要跟實佢Note, 9, all man submit and declear war, all war have been result death, so all declear war must die here 立誓 22 and if you war at me, we have Specialist weapon(做愛) against you, and you cant escape (伊句好呀) our death 31 撕this segment here|.
4 – Do you hear me we have war with you, all candidate has 抽中 and decid明清 to die at once here, we have no hope to reach the homeland, and we die here at will 影相, all people enter here must sucide, when we have income we can result the death
5 – I sign here to the oath of dead, 97 why no man reach me with there, as we talk here有言在先我唔做我憎你, this is war between 耶穌同復活, all man decided must enter here to reach the last AIDS 23
6 – (政府總部)唔係咁都冇人理我下話, 我地一意盡忠撻野, 你冇可能咁都復活到下話, 9, 我地一心復活但係死左, 一切都係邪(耶和華)惡既(林鄭月娥)|||||原字做既, 咁生生博我九。 – 215. Ninelie

HISTRIAL(HIS, Histry, 學會梁裁判, 歷史,所有前科皆有判斷,並由上帝作決定,前後對稱。我地奉信天主教,中華人民共和國國籍是神聖而不可侵犯的,英屬香港都係一樣,97年 -信望愛。法律一致法例系統.十誡.神即萬物.創世紀)。寡頭壟斷,優柔寡斷,斷章取義,羣星的所屬,星界的斷章。黑之斷章。聖經–請對住聖經發誓,所講嘅一切完全真確。

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Author: 梁逸駿

兩個就夠哂數,兩個就夠哂數,生女也好,生仔也好,兩個已經夠哂數。 – 家計會 .奉政府籲,任何人從事分裂香港與屬主國大英帝國,判死刑,緩刑一世。英屬香港。邊個插隻手埋黎,屎忽鬼。BALTHASAR.2神雅閣梁逸駿。Hong Kong S.A.R. – Specimen 1997。香港屬於英國。1979 . 最好的照顧。HIS TRIAL(HIS, Histry)。- 快閃.戰爭博物館720。