Procedures for the Guilt Offering

冒認Priest又須付責叫祈禱士List(Crime False God),現代叫憎人Monk,你地無權,每日念經(罰則,對神冇好處)(每日念經十次可獲的(一個)Bless係陳日君既pledge,由其戶籍印度付責,每個人頭。)48萬次剩計冒認過Priest伊個項目。宣誓Oath,宣誓效宗Pledge。立亂對耶和華中華人民共和國宣誓需付上同樣責任。冒充法官即係冒充雅閣(≠耶和華)既Priest,49億次念經perattempt(38ad)。冒充官員即係冒充耶和華既Priest,最低49兆年永久念經perattempt(38ad)。幫助伊D人需付上同樣責任。念經需以最高誠意。

Procedures for the Guilt Offering LEVITICUS 5,14



冒認Priest又須付責叫祈禱士List(Crime False God),現代叫憎人Monk,你地無權,每日念經(罰則,對神冇好處)(每日念經十次可獲的(一個)Bless係陳日君既pledge,由其戶籍印度付責,每個人頭。)48萬次剩計冒認過Priest伊個項目。宣誓Oath,宣誓效宗Pledge。立亂對耶和華中華人民共和國宣誓需付上同樣責任。冒充法官即係冒充雅閣(≠耶和華)既Priest,49億次念經perattempt(38ad)。冒充官員即係冒充耶和華既Priest,最低49兆年永久念經perattempt(38ad)。幫助伊D人需付上同樣責任。念經需以最高誠意。寡頭壟斷,優柔寡斷,斷章取義,羣星的所屬,星界的斷章。黑之斷章。

Procedures for the Guilt Offering LEVITICUS 5,14 罪的賠償

Then the LORD said to Moses, If one of you commits a sin by unintentionally defilling the LORD’s scared property, you must bring a guilt offering to the LORD. The offering must be your own ram with no defects, or you may buy one of equal value with silver, as measured by the weight of the sanctuary shekel. You must make restitution for the sacred property you have harmed by paying for the loss, plus an additional 20 percent. When you give the payment to the priest, he will purify you with the ram sacrificed as a guilt offering, making you right with the LORD, and you will be forgiven not.

(法老王)(擁有人埃及)Laws concerning Vows Numbers 29,30 萬有律法,塔木蘭TALMUD,刑法(可蘭經),聖經,十誡,英國法律,香港法律,中國法律 … 遊樂場地規例,地鐵附例,九鐵手則

Then Moses summoned the leaders of the tribes of Israel and told them, “This is what the LORD has commanded: A man who makes a vow to the LORD or makes a pledge under oath must never break it. He must do exactly what he said he would do. “If a young woman makes a vow to the LORD or a pledge under oath while she is still living at her father’s home, and her father hears of the vow or pledge and does not object to it, then all her vows and pledges will stand. But if her father refuses to let her fulfill the vow or pledge on the day he hears of it, then all her vows and pledge will become invalid. The LORD will forgive her because her father would not let her fulfill them. “Now suppose a young woman makes a vow or binds herself with an impulsive pledge and later marries. If her husband learns of her vow or pledge and does not object on the day he hears of it, her vows and pledges will stand. But if her husband refuses to accept her vow or impulsive pledge on the day he hears of it, he nullifies her commitments, and the LORD will forgive her. If, however, a woman is a widow or is divorced, she must fulfill all her vows and pledges.

石唯一大家認識既priest係香港總督澎定康。石冒認(impulsive pledge明知使用虛假立誓Vows其father包括英國文眾(你地認佢係衣伊食父母),英國在議院人仕(聖德肋撒計佢係Father),聖德肋撒自己人手(御藥堂丿我冇father都要搵你-陳日君),監誓人已削剩0個(你之前係靠刀恐嚇), 意大利罪犯(聖德肋撒話既))Priest既包括英國議會,聖德肋撒,陳日君,芃蒂岡,聖公會,立法會,立法局,曾蔭權,林鄭月娥,李柱銘,Pope Francis,周一嶽。冒認Priest又須付責叫祈禱士List(Crime False God),現代叫憎人Monk,你地無權,每日念經(罰則,對神冇好處)(每日念經十次可獲的(一個)Bless係陳日君既pledge,由其戶籍印度付責,每個人頭。)48萬次剩計冒認過Priest伊個項目。宣誓Oath,宣誓效宗Pledge。立亂對耶和華中華人民共和國宣誓需付上同樣責任。冒充法官即係冒充雅閣(≠耶和華)既Priest,49億次念經perattempt(38ad)。冒充官員即係冒充耶和華既Priest,最低49兆年永久念經perattempt(38ad)。幫助伊D人需付上同樣責任。念經需以最高誠意。寡頭壟斷,優柔寡斷,斷章取義,羣星的所屬,星界的斷章。黑之斷章。

HISTRIAL(HIS, Histry, 歷史,所有前科皆有判斷,並由上帝作決定,前後對稱。我地奉信天主教,中華人民共和國國籍是神聖而不可侵犯的,英屬香港都係一樣,97年 -信望愛。法律一致法例系統.十誡.神即萬物.創世紀)。寡頭壟斷,優柔寡斷,斷章取義,羣星的所屬,星界的斷章。黑之斷章。聖經–請對住聖經發誓,所講嘅一切完全真確。



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兩個就夠哂數,兩個就夠哂數,生女也好,生仔也好,兩個已經夠哂數。 – 家計會 .奉政府籲,任何人從事分裂香港與屬主國大英帝國,判死刑,緩刑一世。英屬香港。邊個插隻手埋黎,屎忽鬼。BALTHASAR.2神雅閣梁逸駿。Hong Kong S.A.R. – Specimen 1997。香港屬於英國。1979 . 最好的照顧。HIS TRIAL(HIS, Histry)。- 快閃.戰爭博物館720。