What is “Foreclosure“? Why is it (城屋指數) equals DQ?

麥美娟;上腦啦!作反啦!我要點人數- YouTube
我要點人數 <– COURT ORDER
立法會被副本襲擊 法例被(工務小組)企圖滲沙導致拉布。

Question for the occupier:

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Z・刻を越えて (1985)

原題:BETTER DAYS ARE COMING、原作詞:尼尔·萨达卡、日本語版作詞:井荻麟、唄:鮎川麻彌

Broken Cover | 汽車快照。| 烈強入侵香港之線。


原題:FOR US TO DECIDE、作詞:売野雅勇、唄:森口博子wikipedia

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很堅強 – 2018 (2013)

麥美娟;上腦啦!作反啦!我要點人數- YouTube
我要點人數 <– COURT ORDER
立法會被副本襲擊 法例被(工務小組)企圖滲沙導致拉布。

Ashkenaz, and Riphath, and Togarmah. – Genesis 10:3
– Jeklin Helena (星,海信,媽閣).

This is a war, This is a story, This is a Heavenly –>Evil<– Story. (2014)


很堅強- 手抄本 (in legal)
很堅強 (Retreat or Die) – 手抄本 (in legal)





Gentiles divided in their lands; every
one after his tongue, after their families, in their nations. – 
Genesis 10:5

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哀戰士 II (1979)


機動戰士 0079 II 哀 戰士篇
哀 戰士篇

 I would like to remind every member of the ruling class in Hong Kong: Today youare depriving us of our (唔得) future, but the day will come when we decide your (唔得) future. No matter what happens to the protest movement,
– joshua wong we are the future

美心(明愛,主愛, 衤申愛世人, 佢心香港, 佢心恐嚇香港人)

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The Lord Your God on Facebook


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This is illegal.

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White House de Bankrupt stop thivery from The Lord Your God, This is an Order, Evil.



戰爭行為 in 天水圍公園

中文大學,教育局都是一個 Civilization, according to JUSTICE,文明 控制一個局,一屆政府,是相當普遍 in 香港。
一屆政府(第四屆),香港,由皇室輪流統治是十分普遍的。從末貪污,According to JUSTICE。
出千的是搶奪的局(例如發展局是區域市政局)及 某非政府部門,和傳媒。

什麼是鴉(讀雅,指住The Lord Your God)片(kill)戰爭?
What is “We want to kill u the lord your god”?
這是對LAW of Britain的搶權,- JUSTICE..


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Legal manifest

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