Re: Aimer – RE: I AM リスアニ!LIVE-4 @ Nippon Budokan – [2014.01.25] defined in (2017-April-5)

Aimer – Beyond The Time (Gundam UC RE: UnChild Live)

Attempt to overturn 16 Erith Government through Fake Legal Tender (with 16 國家 signature) on chain of Youtube Video orchestrate by The White House (By Greed). War declaration of United States of America, found
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Beauty And The Beast

From the end of the Universe we have a beast called 年獸 (British),
鬼 (Shitties), 叛徒 (天), 偽君子 (齊), 撒誔 (以色烈), Chaos (礻三) created a religion called 天。主教 Christ.ian.ity which stole all rights of 天’s Trace媽, Ξ JKheth, Jesus the Son of God (Hebrews 4:14) and used their heritage, in terms of document Gen.e.sis.1, Ex.o.dus, He.brews and enslaved the mankind by lies for 4507 years in what we called 「創世」EST 4507.  Where ㇀ attempt to topple 礻三 in 4507 years using a keyword called Ape (, A.dam,, and the other called Religion.

加納 was another space’s civilization also looking for control of erith from this 4507 years, from 礻三, and record down every guilt of JEvoh in this 4507 years, and the product can be found in Disney series, one is Beauty And The Beast, which characters Benjifixkin and Lord Jesus.

礻三’s Die U ET(要查) Mon(加納) Dr(博) O(我) IT, is clearly shown on British’s Flag during the days of British attempt to guard the mankind through this year of devilish 魔鬼, 柴狼.

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Beauty and the Beast
Beauty and the Beast – Song