根據LexisNexis香港簡明英漢雙解法律詞典The Concise Hong Kong English-Chinese Legal Dictionary 第535頁 法官/正義 JUSTICE 之第3項..並由上帝作決定 (.. determined by God.) 之 上帝 (God)。本人,Recorders of the Court of First Instance, of The High Court, Mr Jason POW Wing-nin, SC. Leung Yat Chun, Shima, Judge of In the name of Gods in Greece, 漢高,鵰,The Lord Your God, FAINX, 礻Ξ星曆, LAW OF BRITAIN。LE, Shima, In The Name of Gods in Greece. 最後決定由House of Lords 英國上議院代表。

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